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Mar 19, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. >> ty is showing us the google shopping app he put on his phone. >> i listen to my son thinking this is a neat thing to have he snaps a picture of the product. the app displays who sells it. >> 140s oodz ty thought it's a great way to compare prices but one afternoon he says his point and click browsing got out of control. >> it's too late. >> it happened when he was shopping. he saw this machine in a home depot store. he wondered is it cheaper someplace snels he whipped out his phone. >> i got a number of places to buy it. first one at the top was >> so ty clicked on web site displaying the power washer but cost a lot more than one at home deepo ty says he closed the page and forgot about it until receiving the e mail an hour later. >> from, thank you for your order. and i couldn't believe it there it is. you have they'd ordered the power washer. amazon charged the card on file with the account. >> i didn't order it. i didn't want it. i don't even, i didn't log on to didn't use my user name. i didn't use my pass word. >> tye mailed back saying i do
Mar 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
interview with google nearly three years ago. george huggins now faces a possible life sentence out possibility of parole, prosecuters say huggins shot and killed the victim during a series ever robberies. kang was in virginia for the google interview. he had gone downtown to have his teeth cleaned at a friend's office. >> new details coming out of syria tonight. both syrian government and rebels are kusing each other of a chemical attack. there are more, there was more violence today just 24 hours after a rocket slammed into a neighborhood 25 people were killed and dozens wounded. there is no evidence of that, but these videos are being analyzed to see if it matches a phone ashl tack. speaking in israel the president reiterated a warning to syrian leadership. >> the assad regime must understand they'll be held account yablt for the use of chemical weapons once establishing the facts i've made clear the use of the chemical weapon saz game changer. >> the president is holding talk was the nation prime minister, urging peace talks between israel and palestinians. >> we've just learned
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2